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What Are the 14 Super Foods?

Here are the 14 super foods you’ll want to consider adding to your diet. There’s no doubt that diet plays an important role in the maintenance of health and the prevention of disease. To help reduce the risk of disease, more people are adding super foods to their diet. Super foods are those foods that […]

Breath Awareness – A Simple Exercise to Reduce Stress and Improve Focus

LEARN HOW TO DO BREATH AWARENESS Breath awareness is a simple technique, but only through repetition of practice and intensity of experience can you affect real inner change. Practicing this technique can restructure the brain, trigger physiological processes to enhance health, and develop a mind capable of experiencing happiness and peace. Before you embark on […]

Okay, So You Have Decided to Get Fit: Where Is a Good Place to Start?

Cardiovascular fitness is sometimes referred to as “cardiovascular endurance” because a person who possesses this type of fitness can persist in physical exercise for long periods of time without undue fatigue. It has been referred to as “cardio-respiratory fitness” because it requires delivery and utilization of oxygen, which is only possible if the circulatory and […]