Muscle Building Lies Exposed, Read the truth about Why you Still Skinny!

Where ever I read about muscle building in magazines, there is so much information that is twisted and just some of it are just plain lie, just to make you believe your body can t grow muscles without these amazing drugs that made by some skinny lab coat guy. These lies have been told over and over just lead you to buy their muscle building products funding their million dollar industry. I am sure you might of fell for the hype of their products at one stage. You ordered your product, you are expecting miracles, then you realise the only thing you have gained is an empty wallet sadly. I am about to tell you the cold truth about the body building industry myths don t get fooled by the hype.

These drug guides just fill your head with false information. All they tell you that your muscles will never grow without the use of muscle building supplements. Remember supplements don t grow muscle, you do. Body building was around before the birth of supplements and muscle building drugs. The only thing supplements do is work with your workout and make only a 1 percent difference, so whets the point of filling your body with expensive harmful supplements?

There is one muscle building myth that really confused me when I uncovered it. You know that burning sensation that occurs during intense weight training? It isn’t good at all! I am very surprised I used to preach this many times “feels the burn”. All it is simply is a lactic acid build up in your muscle, a metabolic waste product found in your muscles after workout. Lactic acid is more capable of slowing down muscle growth than benefiting in muscle gain. You can try limit the build up of the acid and go for a rep range from 5 to 10.

I have read everywhere that if you skinny you can’t grow muscle, it’s all in your genes. Well it time wake up skinny guys, smell that coffee this is far from true, this in fact is just another pitiful myth just to get you to buy genetic altering supplements that don’t work anyway. Your genes have very little to do with muscle growing it’s a body reaction and is normal. This myth also is used by many lazy people, so these lazy people just have to put in the energy and the will get results.

Well I hope I have shown you the light and you will take a different road of drug free muscle building. I used to be a 140 pound skinny guy that used to go buy the entire collection of muscle building magazine to just ending up sore and frustrated, because they were wrong. I then got the muscle building guides that change my life, written by a world champion fitness model. I gained 40 pounds of rock hard muscle in 6 and half months duration using this guide. Get to if you want more information on this amazing body altering guide.
Source by Chris Sham