Muscle Building: Men Or Women

Muscle building seems so complex sometimes that they ought to have it as a course in college. Many people want to build muscle but they do not have a clue how to do it right. Women also want to build muscle.  It is not unusual to see women in the gym working out to try and get a lean, toned body, but women are going to be more concerned about trying to get their bodies toned than trying to bulk up, they want to maintain their feminine qualities while at the same time build a little strength. So how can men and women go about building muscles where both of them can see the results they want? Here are three tips to differentiate muscle building for men and women.

Reps mean everything:

If you are a man you want to build muscle right? So when you go to the gym you can focus on one of two things, you can either do high weight and low reps or you can do low weight and high reps. High weight is designed to bulk you up. You want to absolutely kill your muscles when you go into the gym so that your muscles get a maximum workout. If you go about it softly you will not get good results.

So when you lift weights or do any kind of exercise you want to make sure you know just how many reps you want to do to see results. It can be one set of ten or ten sets of ten, whichever one you feel will help you build muscle faster is the one you should stick with.

Low weight for women:

Most women do not want to look like men, they want to build some muscle so they can look lean and trim, but how do they build muscle without losing their feminine features. The answer is low weight high reps combined with a fat burning exercise. Women are much more into aerobics than men are so they are usually getting the best of both worlds. Burning fat and doing low weight high rep exercises will help them to burn fat while at the same time shaping their muscles.  Men are usually more drawn towards muscle building than aerobics.

This is a good way to get a beach body or a body fit for a magazine cover. If a women tried to lift heavy weights she may bulk up like a man and no man would be attracted to her. So they keep it light while trimming down. Gaining too much muscle will only help them gain more weight, which is what they are trying to lose.

So you see that men should do high weight and high reps and women should do low weight and high reps to realize muscle growth that will be to their liking. Stick to this principal long enough and you will see the results you want. Don’t get me wrong; women can lift heavy weight, it’s just that no man wants to be with a woman who looks more masculine than he does.
Source by Chris Bryson