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Strength Training For Cheerleaders – Cheerleader Workout Tips

If you are a cheerleader you should consider yourself an athlete. The demands of cheerleading are great – it requires cardio conditioning, strength, flexibility and not being afraid of heights. There are many girls that start cheerleading at an early age and if they continue on through college they can find themselves in pretty good physical condition. So why not make strength training for cheerleaders a part of your life.

Strength training is an essential part of any cheerleader’s workout program. Whether you are a flyer or a base, your strength is vitally important to be able to perform your required routines. When we say strength we are not only talking about your legs and upper body but also your core, which applies to your mid section.

Targeting specific areas of your body with weight training is the simplest way to exercise. Using weight is the best option for working out to gain strength, but if weights are not available then exercising using your body weight is an acceptable alternative. When first starting out use light weights and go heavier as you get stronger.

Not everyone gets excited about working out with weights or exercising in general. If you can make it fun or workout with friends it can be more enjoyable. Play your favorite music to help inspire you. You can also vary what you do each day so it does not become a monotonous daily chore.

What you must be careful of is over training yourself. This can lead to injury and loss of competitive performance. Sometimes a person gets so caught up with getting stronger they push it too far. You must find a balance with your workouts, cheerleading practice and your personal life.
Source by Tim A.